Have savings got you stumped?

These days we all have such hectic lifestyles. Who wants to save when there’s things to buy and parties to go to?  But deep down we all know it’s a good idea to put money aside for that rainy day, the big ticket item, the deposit for a mortgage or the wedding.

At Ormeau Credit Union we make it as easy as possible to set up a savings plan and to start putting just a little something aside each month. We want to help all our Members to achieve financial independence. That means taking the hard choice to save and keep on saving over the lifetime of your Membership. We know it’s hard but we know it’ll change your life.

There’s nothing fancy about a credit union savings account. You put money in, you take it out when you need it. Although of course we have our famous loan service that should kick in when you need money so you don’t have to use your savings.

Here are some of the reasons why saving with your Credit Union is a great idea:

  • Instant access – no waiting around for your money. It’s there when you need it.
  • Simple savings plan – pay as little as £5.00 per week using direct debit or just by popping into our office.
  • IT’S LOCAL. We aren’t part of any massive anonymous multinational banking group (what a mouthful and heaven forbid!). Your local credit union is all about you and your friends and neighbours helping one another towards a better life.
  • Returns based on surpluses – you own the Credit Union so you get to share the rewards of that ownership very directly. The better we do, the more we can do for you. We’re a non-profit, local mutual co-operative, that only exists to help you out.

Be part of the biggest co-operative group of humans the planet has ever seen. Join the 217 million (yes – that is million!) other credit union Members worldwide and open a savings account with Ormeau Credit Union today.

View our Proving Your Identity leaflet to check which forms of identification we accept during the application process, then go ahead and click on the button below to download the Application For Membership form.